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About Me

My life motto is imagine, create, share and grow.
As a filmmaker, editor, and photographer, I have developed strong storytelling skills. In previous work in NF Productions / Nahuyaca films, in collaboration with Phonocular, I sharpened my editing skills while working in some projects for Red Bull LATAM: “Chasing Waterfalls” (2013), “Ride to the roots” (2016) and “Running in two worlds” (2016), all documentary videos of Red Bull Athletes. I performed as Senior editor, and Supervisor of the project getting great feedback from our client.

I´m passionate about traveling and knowing different cultures trough the lens. While working in NF Productions, I was selected as the main Photographer, Videographer, and Editor for the worldwide famous singer Alejandro Fernandez “Confidencias World Tour” 2015. My duties on that project were to document in photos and videos the experience of the fans who won a contest to meet Alejandro in the backstage, to promote his concert, in each city of the Tour. This led me to Buenos Aires, Argentina; Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic; USA cities: Las Vegas, Miami, Orlando, New York, Greensboro, and Fairfax. This duty required an ability to summarize ideas clearly, plan ahead, meticulous editing skills, all in short-term timing since videos and photos were used in social media the next day of each

I´m in a continuous search to collaborate in challenging projects, that allows me to create and learn through teamwork with talented people.

In addition to being an independent video creator, I currently work as an Academic Coordinator of the B.A. Audiovisual Production for the University of Digital Arts, in Guadalajara, Jalisco, MX. I am a team-oriented project manager in a multitasking environment collaborating with students, teachers, and other coordinations to develop audiovisual projects. This role has allowed me to strengthen my teamwork skills and generation of proposals for continuous improvement. To get involved,  Teaching is also part of my Coordinator duties, which implies constant learning and feedback in both ways and working with different generations. As challenging as it is, this is one of the parts I enjoy most of my work.


University of Digital Arts 2016 - Current
Academic Coordinator of the B.A. Audiovisual Production

  • Production & Postproduction Coordinator in events coverage: Woman Together Awards 2017 | Digital Economy Show | Guadalajara International Film Festival.

  • Academic Coordination: For Teachers and Students. + Planning and Development: Study program and objectives.

  • Recruiting, Selection & Hiring: Teacher Personnel

  • Assessment & Follow up of Audiovisual School Projects (Fiction & Documentary Short Films)

  • Teaching: Editing I & II | Production Process and Techniques | Color Grading

Nahuyaca Films 2012 - 2016
Postproduction Coordinator + Editor + Filmmaker + Colorist + Photographer

  • Red Bull TV / Media House, TV Documentaries: Senior Editor and Supervisor of Postproduction Department + Ride to the roots 2016 + Running in two worlds 2016 + Chasing waterfalls 2013

  • Alejandro Fernandez. Afinando Tour (2015): Filmmaker, Photographer, Senior Editor and color grading in concerts and interviews, plus supervising postproduction for Social Media Videos.

  • State Government of Jalisco, Guadalajara City Hall, FICG30 / Rectory of the University of Guadalajara / SIAPA / San Juan Project / Geek Girls (2012 - 2014): Senior Editor Colorist and Supervisor of Postproduction department, in Marketing Spots for Film, TV, Social Media and Radio; Videoclips, Institutional Videos, Commercial spots, Documentaries for internal use and Social Media.

Chanel 44. UDG TV 2010 - 2012
Filmmaker + Editor + Scriptwriter + Colorist + Cameraman

  • FICG27 TV (2012) Diffusion Program: Filmmaker for a Special Program to promote Internacional Film Festival in Guadalajara (27th edition)

  • Papirolas TV (2011) Diffusion Program: Filmmaker of Special Project to promote Papirolas.

  • University Network Service Area: Institutional Video, Marketing Spots and Documentaries..



Degree in Audiovisual Arts UDG 2004 - 2010 

Outstanding student with academic excellence

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